Professional Services


We have deep experience in the cloud technologies defining IT strategy today. 

 Your IT environment is the foundation of your business and legacy application infrastructures may be holding you back. Asperitas can provide CxO level discussion points, and make recommendations helping you leverage the cloud. 


Asperitas have been immersed in the DevOps revolution since an Ops Manager and an Agile Developer got stuck in a lift and invented DevOps [Urban Myth].   We can advise and help you achieve higher velocity, more effective use and increased agility, embracing DevOps to accelerate your time to market.  

Solution customisation

Technology rarely works fully out of the box. We can build into an cloud automation solution the key integrations and template them, turning infrastructure into code. We can help truly drive the value out of your investment and provide massive ROI.

Training & knowledge transfer

Our solution is simple [once you know how] enabling you to drive your cloud management platform fully. For the service provider we can provide training to your tech guys so they can customise our solution, and build in user value for your clients.  


Asperitas offers more than just technical expertise. We're strategic thinkers who take a  view of your organisation, analyse your challenges, and help you overcome them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions, leveraging your investments in IT. 

How to engage Asperitas

Let's keep it simple. An initial meeting or call to assess and discuss your requirements or challenges.  Then we work with you to solve complex business problems and find cost-effective ways to help you operate efficiently. We consider:

  • Your ability to react to change.
  • How effectively you use your team and IT assets.
  • How dynamic and automated your business could and should be.