Harness the power of Morpheus

Self service portals

Provision VM’s, databases, apps, and app stack components on any server, or cloud–public, private, or hybrid–within seconds, utilising containers, hypervisors or bare metal.   

Simple multi-cloud management

Automatically deploy on any app, on any cloud, using any database. Manage, monitor, analyse and switch cloud resources to gain competitive advantage.

Elastic scaling & failover

Easily manage databases and apps by adding more nodes on the web UI, CLI, or through an API call. Morpheus automatically configures the database or app cluster to accommodate these new nodes.

On-prem & cloud migrations

Move complete application stacks into any cloud, between clouds, or back to on-premise within minutes; and manage from a single pane of glass avoiding the complexity of cloud migration and the headache of cloud lock.

Accelerate agile development

Benefit from full visibility and keep track of how servers are being utilised while your developers enjoy the freedom to provision and manage applications with role based access. Plus automate your DevOps continuos testing, and environment management.

Enable charge-back

Manage multiple cloud services with auditable, usage-based billing for multi-tenant environments across multiple cloud service providers.


Anything provisioned within Morpheus is automatically monitored. 

Checks are organised in “Groups” and “Apps,” so it’s easy to see manage all your instances. Built-in redundancy layers help accurately calculate the applications overall uptime. 

Back up & recovery

These days built-in backups are a must and with Morpheus they’re set up with each and every new database or app stack component. Easy to customise occurrence, frequency and destination of backups eliminating the need for writing custom cron jobs.

Customisable reporting

 Produce a variety of report views for users to check on app capacity, server capacity, and recent activity. Customise each report further with advanced filtering and easy export functionality.